Women’s Health

Women are amazing! They can handle anything and everything, often focusing a lot of their energy on the wellbeing and nurturing of kids, partners, spouses and even friends. Inner personal balance is achieved by physical nourishment, calming the mind and physical movement.

Women's Health - Davina Dowling NutritionThere is a direct connection between what you put in to your body and how you feel.

Do you suffer from PMS symptoms such as:

  1. low energy
  2. fluctuating moods
  3. Do you have poor hair and skin health?
  4. Have you food cravings or a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates?
  5. Do you suffer with recurring bouts of thrush or cystitis?
  6. Do you have brain fog and broken sleep patterns?

There are a number of dietary and lifestyle changes you could make that will have you feeling a lot better – more energy, restful sleep, greater sense of wellbeing and improved blood results.

Since starting my practice, I have worked with many women at all stages of their lives to empower them to feel and look their best.

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