I started getting menopausal symptoms in my early 40’s and had pretty much all of them – from hot flushes, insomnia and anxiety to itchy skin. I needed help! It was wonderful to have a consultation with Davina who understood what I was going through and could guide me through all the hormonal changes.

I learned so much about how my body worked and even simple things like how important being hydrated is to help reduce heat in my body. Talking to Davina made me realise how much I needed to re-set my eating habits. I feel much more motivated to make changes to my diet and mindset.

Jane, Wexford.


I had heard about Iridology from a friend of mine who was lucky enough to have a consultation with Naturopathic Doctor, Jan de Vries, in Dublin. I went to Davina as I had been suffering with digestive health for a few months and I was interested to learn what might show up in the Iridology reading.

Davina took a picture of my eyes on her phone, using a magnifier so that the irises could be increased in size to show all the little marks and pigments which give information about what might be going on. After looking at the pictures, Davina was able to tell me that I had low stomach acid and low digestive juices which were causing me stomach pain and lots of wind. I wasn’t breaking down dairy very well which wasn’t helping either.

I had also been feeling really tired which was linked in to my poor digestion. It was amazing how Davina could tell me what was going on without me having told her anything about how I was feeling. She was able to give a nutrition plan and put me on some supplements to sort out my digestion. I really recommend anyone trying Iridology – you will be very impressed how helpful it is.

Liz, Carlow.


We were referred to Davina for nutrition advice to help us conceive a baby. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and was struggling with all the information about diet etc. Davina was very calm and easy to talk to when we contacted her about an appointment. We filled out an extensive health questionnaire before meeting and during the consultation, we got a lot of information about the best types of foods we needed to eat for to increase our vitamins and minerals.

With PCOS, I knew I had to follow a low sugar diet which I was finding very difficult. With Davina’s help, I was able to learn how to focus on foods that keep me feeling fuller for longer and avoid blood sugar crashes. We made some healthy food swaps, cooked more at home and created better habits. I am happy to say that the combination of acupuncture, stress management and a healthier diet paid off and we had a beautiful baby boy.

Sheila and John, Wexford.