Nutrition and Cookery Programmes

I am a ‘Healthy Ireland’ Facilitator of the Healthy Food Made Easy nutrition and cookery programme in Wexford. I have been providing the course in primary and secondary schools and with community groups since 2013. I would be delighted to speak to any group or school who would like to find out more about this fantastic course.

Nutrition and Cookery Courses - Davina Dowling NutritionIt is a 6 week course, 2 – 2.5 hour session per week and the aims of the course are to encourage healthy eating, improve knowledge of nutrition while preparing meals at home and eat healthy meals on a budget.

All participants prepare, cook and bring home all the dishes prepared. It is designed to be a relaxed and sharing experience where everyone can benefit from tips and ideas that come up during the course. All participants receive a Healthy Ireland certificate and a cookbook.

The course content is based on the most up to date healthy eating guidelines.