The average age at which women are having children has climbed. In Ireland, it stands at 30.3 years according to the latest CSO statistics. A lack of flexible work options and high childcare costs mean many feel they have to sacrifice their career to have children.

Diet and Fertility

Diet and Fertility - Davina Dowling NutritionDid you know that the nutrition status and diet of both men and women can impact their fertility, and that small changes to your diet can have a big impact on your chances of conceiving?

Your diet has a direct influence on the hormones that control your cycle, and therefore your fertility.

Your diet and lifestyle also impact the health of your eggs – and for men, the health of their sperm. This is why focusing on your nutrition is great idea to improve your chances of success.

Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance - Nutrition and Fertility - Davina Dowling NutritionAre you trying to conceive and want to optimise your nutrition creating hormonal balance? Have you been diagnosed with PCOS or Endometriosis?

I have collaborated with other health professionals in the area of fertility and worked successfully with many couples to help them conceive.

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